Children's Zoo Founding Membership
Children's Zoo Founding Membership
We’re excited to be partnering with Variety SA to create a new precinct perfect for young ones at Adelaide Zoo.

The new Variety Children’s Zoo is set to be an amazing play space for kids filled with interactive areas that allow them to get closer than ever to some of the zoo’s most popular residents.

Complete with areas for children of all abilities to play and explore, the new Variety Children’s Zoo will potentially feature things like balance beams and ladders for our charismatic goats, climbing branches for our friendly quokkas and a dedicated presentation area for keepers to share stories about their animal friends.

Please Note:
Vouchers are non-transferable and redeemable for Variety Children’s Zoo Founding Membership only. Vouchers must be redeemed within 12 months of date of purchase and are non-refundable.

To redeem your voucher please call Zoos SA on (08) 8267 3255 or visit the Membership Hub at Adelaide Zoo.
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Variety Children's Zoo Founding Member
5 Year Child Membership Voucher
 (0 - 14 years)
This membership will be delivered as a voucher so you can redeem it at the right time for your child.
New members can redeem their voucher at any time within 12 months of date of purchase.
Existing members please redeem your voucher on expiry of your current membership.